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Being a Hero is just one of the decisions you can make on Origins. Being a hero consists of healing others, killing zombies, and killing Bandits.

How much Humanity Do you need to be a hero?Edit

Level 1 Hero = 2900 Humanity

Level 2 Hero = 6500 Humanity

Level 3 Hero = 15000 Humanity

Level 4 Hero = 49000 Humanity

How do I gain Humanity Quickly?Edit

Giving someone Painkillers - Gets you 20 Humanity

Giving a Blood Transfusion - Gets you 20 Humanity

Using Morphine on Another Player - Gets you 20 Humanity

Bandaging another Player - Gets you 20 Humanity 

Killing 10+ Zombies within a minute or so - Gets you 300 Humanity.

Killing Bandits - Gets you 500 - 1500 Humanity per bandit (Depending on the level of the bandit)

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